2015 Dodge Ram Power Wagon

The 2015 Dodge Ram Power Wagon was unveiled at the New York Auto Show last year in Spring. It borrows various specifications and designs from the 2013 version. The 2015 Dodge Ram Power Wagon has undergone numerous redesigns underneath the sheet-metal which has officially made it the most preferred heavy duty pick-up in the market.

2015 Dodge Ram Power Wagon front view

2015 Dodge Ram Power Wagon: Exterior

For the exterior, the Power Wagon has included a high strength ladder frame (around 50 KSI of steel) with fully boxed rails and hydro formed rails. This builds up the vehicles strength for hauling and towing. The chassis redesigns include an improved roll stiffness that ensures confident handling. The 2015 Dodge Ram Power Wagon is also fitted with rear coil springs and a new five-link rear axle, the former of which helps in comfortable movement across rough terrains. The vehicle has electronic locking axles so that you can provide power to all the wheels at any given time.

2015 Dodge Ram Power Wagon: Specs

Ram fitted the truck with low geared ratio (4.10) to enable the Power Wagon to have plenty of low-end grunt. The new five rear link suspensions is great for the ride and off-road articulation. A 3 link front suspension has incredible rail stiffness that is good for managing payload. However, it is not recommended for off-road capability. The 2015 Power Wagon has a significant departure angle, with the rear and front bumper checking in at 23.5 degrees and 34 degrees respectively. Ram articulation link adds some compliance to the suspension system that enables smooth steering.

2015 Dodge Ram Power Wagon rear view

The vehicle has been lifted 2 inches from the 2500 and equipped with shocks in every corner alongside the 33 inch wrangler tires that highly mounts the Power Wagon. These forged aluminum open lag wheels make the truck quite attractive. The truck also comes with the 12,000 pound winch tucked inside the front bumper, sway bar disconnect and locking differential, both front and rear.

2015 Dodge Ram Power Wagon: Engine

The 2015 Dodge Ram Power Wagon has the 6.4L HEMI engine. It has best in class horsepower of about 410 and best in class 429 feet of torque. The low level of torque enables cylinder deactivation on this heavy duty truck. So you can go from 8-cylinder mode to 6-cylinder mode when conditions suit you. Cylinder deactivation essentially gives you the fuel economy option. The 6.4L engine provides low torque that has given Ram the ability to reduce the rear axle ratio down from 4.56 to 4.10 for an even more fuel economy advantage.

2015 Dodge Ram Power Wagon interior

2015 Dodge Ram Power Wagon: Interior, Price

The interior has same basic designs, but some materials have been upgraded, multimedia and HVAC control have been redesigned to create more interaction. A 5-inch touch-screen Uconnect infotainment system provides voice command control for cell phone users through Bluetooth. USB charging and audio streaming also exist. A 3.5 or 7 inch wireless information screen is available at an additional costs. In case you need extra storage space, you can also order Ram Box storage bins which can be locked and unlocked remotely using your cell phone.

Plenty of attention has been paid to the 2015 Dodge Ram Power Wagon interior safety. This evident from the full-length side and front side curtain airbags. New Dodge Ram Power Wagon is retailing at a price of $ 46,000. However, high-end Laramie models will reach as far a $ 56,000.

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