2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster 2500

Businessmen and VAN enthusiasts can keep their check books at hand in anticipation for the 2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster 2500 whose release date remains to be this year, 2015. In fact, it has already hit the American market. The 2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster 2500 is not only already famous for its space-efficient design with a driver and passenger friendly interior with a very low and impressive but also a jaw-dropping towing capacity of 5,100 lbs (2,313 kg).

2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster 2500 front view

Normally, commercial engines are noise factories with high speed pulling power. But not 2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster 2500 which is 3.6L gasoline V6 and is manufactured from Chrysler’s car line up so you are assured of quality, refinement and an efficient turbo-diesel forte.

This kind of an engine is good for the delivery stop-overs from one street to another and the usual long distance huge cargo delivery. Why? Because it has an engine numerous chops hence a guaranteed proper hauling and to prove that is more than its stated worth, fuel conservation in 2015 ProMaster 2500 is up to 12% considering the fact that this a diesel run engine.

2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster 2500: Design

For the exterior, it comes only in a high-roof option with a wheel base of 136 and 159 inches. 2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster 2500 has a sliding passenger doors, windows for the side and rear doors, side view mirrors, rear parking sensor with a rear view camera not forgetting the 16 inch steel wheels.

The interior gets more exciting with a cargo partition, alarm system, navigation, heated seats, an adjustable lumbar support, a suspension driver’s seat for our dear long distance truck drivers, a leather wrapped steering wheel, a recently upgraded audio with a Chrysler’s UConnect 5 inch touch screen display, Bluetooth connections and voice commands. This is for assured entertainment while at work in your 2015 ProMaster 2500. Exciting!

2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster 2500 interior

It also comes with riveting steering-wheel commands, a satellite audio, cruise control and an interior wall panel. I took my 2015 ProMaster 2500 for a test drive and noticed the frontal wheel layout which gives room for a short hood which as you know is a key factor when parking your ProMaster 2500 . The hood gives you a great vision of what is ahead and besides your 2015 ProMaster 2500 while driving around. This ensures you uttermost security and comfort ability. Talking of security, it comes with anti-lock discs brakes, traction control, stability control and hill start, which are like an auto-pilot but the commercial van edition. Creative.

E2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster 2500: Engine

Dodge Ram ProMaster 2500 comes with choices for its engine package. The first one is the 3.6L V6 engine that produces 280 horsepower and 260 pound feet of torque this ensures that power is sent to front wheel through a 6-speed automatic transmission which is a very key question to ask yourself during the purchase of a van, through what mediums and mechanism is power sent to the front wheels?

2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster 2500 rear view

The second option is the 3.0 liter four cylinder turbo diesel with a 174 horsepower and 295 lb-ft paired with a 6 speed automated manual transmission. The fuel conservancy rate for both engines is 10%-12% depending on how fast your engine warms up.

2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster 2500: Price

New Ram ProMaster 2500 retails price between $ 28,000 and $38,000.

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