2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster City

Small commercial vans have been hitting the US market more often recently and Chrysler has chosen not to be left behind. They have introduced the 2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster City which is a conversion of the European Fiat Doblo. This is aimed at providing small business owners with a more cargo-oriented modern van just like Chevy’s City Express and Nissan’s NV200 have done in the past. But with other manufacturers having ventured into this line of production earlier, will the Ram ProMaster live up to the challenge?

2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster City front view

2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster City: Specs

Among the most admirable traits those who have had the chance to test drive this car applause it for include more room, more power and better maneuverability. The car’s exterior has incorporated a cross-hair grille while the headlights and taillights have been changed in comparison to the Fiat Diablo from where the design is drawn. The overall design still remains to be nose-forward and curvaceous however. The optional 5-spoke wheels make the sportier in this category. Though it is clear that commercial cargo cars are not bought for their design, 2015 Dodge Ram ProMater city definitely outdoes its opponents in this sector.

2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster City: Interior

Upon opening the back doors, what meets the eye is an interior designed for cargo and that is about all. If you were looking for comfort then this is not the car for you. The surfaces are covered in grey and black color with lots of space for carrying cargo. There are trays, cup holders, cabbies and bins situated strategically in the cargo area.

2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster City interior

The total cargo volume is estimated at 131 cubic feet with a width of 60.4 inches and length of 87.2 inches from the back door to the back of the front seats. Through the sliding side doors, what meets the eye are driver and passenger seats that are simple in design. To enhance the storage space further are storage shelves that run over the seats. These will definitely come in handy in storing materials that a driver may need to use often. You need not worry about these flying over the driver’s head as the net at the lip will keep them on the shelf even when the car is halted suddenly.

2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster City: Engine, MPG

2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster city will be powered by a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder TigerShark engine. Through a 9-speed automatic car will be able to offer 178 horsepower and 174 lb-ft of torque for all models that will be availed. This is much more powerful than any VAN that has been seen on the roads before. As for the performance it is simply excellent! The ProMaster City will take only 3.7 seconds to reach 30 mph and 9.8 seconds to reach 60 mph. Though this may seem quite slow for those used to other car makers, it is quite adequate for commercial cargo cars. The fuel economy is quite commendable with 29 miles per gallon expected on highway and 21 mpg in the city.

2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster City rear view

2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster City: Price and Release

With all these incredible features it is no wonder that Ram will be topping the price list in this category. The 2015 Ram ProMater City will be offered at $ 24,100 as it just hits the market.

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