2016 Dodge Ram Concept

The new 2016 Dodge Ram has been termed by experts as been a revolutionary truck to ever hit the market. The 2016 Dodge Ram will not come with an aluminum body. This may be a setback when it comes to fuel consumption. However, Fiat has put into consideration the absence of the aluminum body by fitting the truck with an EcoDiesel engine which has low fuel consumption.

2016 Dodge Ram front view

2016 Dodge Ram:Engine

It’s believed that the new 2016 Dodge Ram will be powered by a 3.0-liter EPA rated V6 EcoDiesel engine. This engine has the capability to produce a horsepower of 240 with a torque of 420 pounds per feet. The engine will be matted by an 8-speed automatic transmission which will power all the 4 wheels hence making this car the ideal truck in rough terrains. However, the supercharged Hellcat V8 which is available in the Challenger and Charger will not be available in the 2016 model. The high power engine will also be able to tow behind up to 10,650 pounds of load and a maximum payload of up to 1,949 pounds.

2016 Dodge Ram:Interior

The interior design of this 2016 Dodge Ram has been redesigned significantly. The interior comes with a “stow and go” seat setting. This rear seating arrangement will allow the simplified folding of seat flat on the floor of the car hence permit extra space for storage.

The dashboard has not been left behind either. It has been highly revamped to accommodate new features. The instrument panel also incorporates the most recent UConnect Access infotainment device. This device will feed the user with the latest information concerning the truck as well as a wide range of entertainment. The previous mp3 player has been replaced with an iPod connectivity option.Two cameras have been fitted on the front and back of this truck. The cameras will assist the driver when driving off-road, parking and during towing loads. An electric power steering device will also be available in this new model to assist the driver in simplified navigation and control of the car.

A pre-braking feature will also come with this new Dodge. This feature will help in collision mitigation hence increase the safety of the driver and other travelers.

2016 Dodge Ram side view

2016 Dodge Ram:Exterior

Numerous changes have been done on the exterior too. The most notable new designs are visible on the front part and grille of the truck. The grille for instance, is modified so as to allow more fresh air to penetrate and cool the huge engine.

The front end will have a completely different styling which will see the compact design and proper fitting of the Xenon headlamps. The tailgate has been redesigned to accommodate the horizontal opening motion.

New sets of wheels with new designs will come fitted with this truck. So as to allow the engine breathe more easily and run efficiently, the rear part of the truck will come fitted with a dual exhaust system. The bumper will also be redesigned to accommodate the physique of the car.

2016 Dodge Ram rear view

2016 Dodge Ram:Release Date and Price

According to the top management of FIAT, the 2016 Dodge Ram will be unveiled later this year at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The official price of the car has not yet been announced by the company but experts believe the truck will be retailing at around $ 26,000. The price is also believed to be adjacent to the current and previous models of the Ram.

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