2016 Dodge Ram Dakota

A new 2016 Dodge Ram Dakota is expected to appear on the market in 2016. With Japanese manufacturers having dominated the market in the recent, the Ram Dakota will seek to stage a comeback in the mid-size pickup truck category. 2016 Ram Dakota popularly referred to as ‘Baby RAM’ is considered less powerful version of the pick-up truck model brand. It is both an outstanding performance vehicle and a lifestyle truck. The vehicle will be modeled using two concepts that have however not been produced, that is the Mopar Dodge Ram Bianco and the Jeep Gladiator. It will be spacious and more comfortable than the current model. Following the rising competition the truck is bound to be multi-functional and will be fit for both commercial and personal use.

With stiffening competition from Japanese mid-size pick-up truck manufacturing companies, this Company will seek to be the only American automobile company producing mid size pick-up trucks. Ford and Chrysler have for a long time been viewed as the image of the American way of life but have failed to venture into middle size pick-up truck. This is the gap 2016 Dodge Ram Dakota will be trying to fill.

2016 Dodge Ram Dakota:Engine

2016 Dakota is powered by a four-cylinder strong and reliable V6 engine. The vehicle has been rated by the US Environmental Protection Agency at 30 miles per gallon. Other features will include a stylish design, good aerodynamics and alloy light weight materials. This makes their goal valid and very realistic. An engine model will also be available.

2016 Dodge Ram Dakota: Design, Price

2016 Dodge Ram Dakota has undergone tremendous design changes and upgrades. It will act as a predecessor Dakota model. Some of the design changes that will be eminent include an aggressive front end, a modern and contemporary design and new platform. It is estimated that the model of the jeep range will be out early 2016 in Toluca Mexico. Its price is estimated to be between $20,000 and $40,000.

2016 Dodge Ram Dakota rear view

According to Fred Diaz, an official from Company, Dakota is categorized in the segment of mid-size pick up models. It is a model that is set to compete with the Japanese Toyota and Nissan who have progressively dominated the market over the years. Company is very anxious and optimistic that the 2016 Dodge Ram Dakota will be equal to its task and that it will command a good market share.

2016 Dodge Ram Dakota: Exterior

2016 Ram Dakota exterior design has undergone numerous changes. The shape is more streamlined; its body has four doors and a larger trailer. It has elegant headlights and is fitted with chrome grille at the front. Both sides of the log cabin contain chrome trim.

2016 Dodge Ram Dakota interior

2016 Dodge Ram Dakota: Interior

Having been completely renovated, the 2016 Dakota will provide both, comfort and luxury. The dashboard and the seats have been redesigned – the seats are made of thin skin and are much more comfortable than the current model while there is an increased space between the seats and the dashboard. The dashboard is dominated by numerous displays which render useful functions.

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  1. I hope the new dakota will have a hemi or hell cat package with a manual 6 speed transmission. Like the pictures and extended cab. I would trade my 98 dakota in for one that is better and has manual transmission, V-8 and possi rear axle.

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