2016 Ram 700 Specs, Review

The Ram brand is synonymous with reliable pickup trucks that fall in various categories with some of the vehicle models being lightweight pickup trucks while others are heavyweight pickup trucks. One of the best lightweight truck models is the 2016 Ram 700. This is a compact pickup truck that has been produced and marketed in Mexico and Brazil for a couple of years. Unlike the previous models, the new 2016 Ram 700 will be tailored for the US market. This will be a compact pickup and it is based on the Fiat Strada. The new 2016 Ram 700 will be a product of Chrysler Company and its production will be based in Brazil. This compact pickup will mainly be sold and marketed in the Brazilian, Mexico and US markets.

2016 Ram 700 front view

2016 Ram 700: Exterior and Interior Design

2016 Ram 700 will be offered in two variants with the first variant being a two door regular cab while the second variant being a three-door extended club cab. The regular cab model will comfortably seat two people, the driver and a single occupant while the extended cab model will seat four people, the driver and three occupants. Moreover, the extended cab model will in addition to the four doors have an emergency back door to facilitate emergency exit. The car’s interior will mostly comprise of standard features such as air conditioning, ipod and MP3 compatible music system and an on-board trip computer. This system will be essential in enhancing fuel economy and the overall performance of the vehicle.

2016 Ram 700: Engine

One of the most important aspects of the 2016 Ram 700 will be its power plant. Chrysler has gone to great lengths to ensure that the vehicle is able to churn out significant power to comply with the expectations of a day to day compact pickup. Precisely, the power-train will comprise of a 1.6-litre 4-cylinder engine which is able to churn out up to 115 brake horsepower.

2016 Ram 700 interior

The Ram 700 will be a front-wheel drive vehicle and this implies that all the 115 brake horsepower will be channeled to the car’s front wheels. Another important aspect of the Ram 700 will be its significant payload capacity of over 1400 pounds.

2016 Ram 700: Fuel economy

New Ram 700 will offer a better fuel economy than its predecessors. This is informed by the fact that the external bodywork of the Ram 700 will mainly be made of aluminum alloy and this is meant to enhance fuel economy by making the vehicle lighter than previous versions.

2016 Ram 700 rear view

2016 Ram 700: Price and Release Date

One of the issues that will inform on the pricing of the Ram 700 will be the ability of the car’s target market to afford it. The Ram 700 mainly seeks to appeal to the middle class buyers who are looking for a practical car that can be used for both day to day city driving and occasional off-road driving. The price for the regular cab model is expected to be in the region of $ 15,000, while the price for the extended model is expected to be around $ 18,000. Finally, the release date for the new Ram 700 is said to be on January 2016.

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  1. You dont have space to put a v6 engine There here in Argentina we have the same car but Fiat 1.8 engine not 4×4 foro the moment but Its a very good car

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