2017 RAM chassis Cab

2017 RAM chassis Cab will be available till the end of this year. Earlier RAM was under the control of Dodge and it was known as Dodge RAM. They specialize in building truck vehicles, and they are quite good at it. In the year 2010, Dodge broke off the partnership with RAM and it was acquired by the Italian automaker giant Fiat Chrysler. RAM is well known for producing medium weighted trucks that are always good for off road driving. One of the most famous models of RAM is chassis cab.

One of the best things about RAM chassis cab is the fact that it is delivered to its customers with only “chassis” and a cab. The delivery is done like this so that customers can modify the chassis as per their need. They can convert the truck into an ambulance or they can modify it in the form of a pickup truck. The main purpose of RAM chassis cab is to provide freedom to its customers.

Apart from these things, 2017 RAM chassis Cab is also having an automatic headlight sensor that changes the beam from high to low as per the requirement. The rear part is having a frame rail that can be used to mount anything on top of it. This makes the task of modifying too easy for the customers. The grille of the model is pretty classy, and they have also installed park sensing tech to help Customers Park safely.

2017 Ram chassis Cab price
2017 RAM chassis Cab interior

The interior of 2017 RAM chassis Cab is pretty amazing and they have given extra room for leg space. The leather coated seats are super comfortable, and it makes driving really easy. As per the safety is concerned, this model is having two airbags in the front. The seats of 2017 RAM chassis Cab can be electronically adjusted based on the preferences of the user.

Apart from this, they have given a space at the back of the seats to store your important things. You can reach that space easily and you won’t have to get disturbed while doing that. A seven inch LCD screen is also placed that allows the driver to track down their speed, and they can also look at the cargo leaving or entering the rear space. There is another screen too, which helps you connect your Bluetooth, and it is also used in navigation. Overall this truck is simply an amazing one.

2017 Ram Chassis Cab interior
2017 RAM chassis Cab Engine Specification

2017 RAM chassis Cab engine is definitely one of the most powerful. They have loaded V8 engine with 6.4 litre. This engine is capable of producing 429 feet of torque and 370 hp of power. As these trucks are used for various purposes they have made it enough powerful to fulfil all the needs of customers. One can also use it as towing van that requires a lot of power too. In terms of carrying capacity, 2017 RAM chassis Cab can tow up to 19,950 pounds of weight and they can carry 12480 pounds of weight in total. They have installed fuel saver technology, which insures that all this weight can be carried without using much fuel.

2017 Ram Chassis Cab trunck sunspension
2017 RAM chassis Cab price

There two variants of 2017 RAM chassis Cab, first one is known as SLT and the second one is known as tradesman. Therefore, the price of these models varies accordingly. Tradesman and SLT are priced at $34,200 and $38,600 accordingly.

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